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Integrative Wellness Services

The Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching

  • A model for individual and group based health and wellness coaching , leverages a powerful new health care delivery methodology based on human potentiation and well-being enhancement.
  • A personal healing and energy management system for individuals and groups.
  • Used in the corporate setting as the basis of programming targeted at performance, productivity and effectiveness enhancement programming.
  • In churches, schools and agencies it is the basis for personal improvement programming and the healing ministry.
  • In health care and medicine it is the basis of support groups for wellness, disease management as a complement to conventional and alternative medicine.
  • With seniors it becomes part of a "wisdom remembrance" process that increases health as well as personal attitude.

The Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching process is based on a personal improvement process that unfolds in phases over time. It starts with a Self Inquiry Assessment which evaluates 12 areas of an individual's life: Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Mastery, Self Care, Relationships, Career, Financial Health, Creativity, Environment, Self Esteem, Life Purpose, and Spirituality. This process can be used either by individuals or in a group study and support setting. The Manual includes and extensive section for facilitators, health coaches and health guides.

To learn how this powerful support group and coaching methodology can assist your organization, call (805) 617-3390.

The Healer Within Training 

The Healer Within Training presents a tool kit of self-care practices for individual or group health promotion. We believe that everyone has the capacity to improve their health, complement their medical treatment, reduce their medical costs and avoid the side effects of medications. These practices have been used in hospitals, wellness groups, educational institutions, community agencies, senior centers, and even prisons.

The Healer Within is a comprehensive set of self-care and health promotion methods based on the ancient Chinese healing arts of Tai Chi and Qigong. Gentle body movement, focused breath practice, self-applied massage and simple meditation are the four basic components of Qigong.

The Healer Within methods teach simple ways to incorporate this profound training into a personal daily routine. We have taught this material to several thousand people. People who learn and use these tools improve their health significantly by reducing stress, boosting immune system function, and diminishing pain. Although our model focuses on social interactivity and its value, these methods can be used as a solo practice

Foster vitality and self-reliance by calling Health Action at (805) 617-3390 for more information regarding our Half-Day or Full Day Healer Within Workshop.


Health Action specializes in consulting to organizations seeking to create a comprehensive delivery system for health promotion while increasing market share. Health Action collaborates with individual hospitals and hospital networks as well as community agencies, educational institutions, and corporations to improve outcomes and quality of life, with its expertise in:
  • Health Futures and the Redesign of Delivery
  • Integrating Complementary & Alternative Medicine
  • Medical Demand Reduction, Through Health Based Programming
  • Linking Medicine and Health Promotion

Clients include:

  • American College of Health Care Executives, Chicago, IL
  • AHA Society of Strategy & Marketing, Chicago, IL
  • VHA, Physician Leadership Forum & Broadcast Teleconferences, Dallas, TX
  • National Wellness Institute, Stevens Point, WI
  • Hospital Networks
    Mercy Services (MI, IA), Mercy System, Fairfield/Lutheran and U.S. Health Corp (OH), Seton (TX), Riverside (VA), Catholic HealthCare West (CA, AZ), Sutter and Mercy (CA), Riverside (VA)
  • Hospitals:
    St. Johns, Marshall, Mercy Sacramento, Seton Medical, Sutter, St Francis (CA); Daughters of Charity Medical Center (TX), Shanghai Traditional Medicine Hospital (China); Riverside Methodist, Mercy Anderson (OH), El Centro Medico (PR), Mid-Columbian and St. Charles (OR), AtlantiCare, Union (MA), East Jefferson General (LA)

For a full list of clients, click here.

To find out how Health Action can assist you to implement comprehensive healthcare delivery for your organization, call (805) 617-3390




The Circle of Life Health & Wellness Coaching Method™ Can Make a Difference In Your Life & In Your Organization --
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