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Wellness in Business Video Clips Featuring Dr. Jahnke

Video # 1 Wellness for the Management of Health, Productivity, and Medical Cost Efficiency
There is an important and under utilized “product” that every company can profit from designing into business process — HEALTH.  Companies are wasting potential profit buying expensive medical intervention for diseases and syndromes that are completely preventable. Why not simply prevent preventable diseases?

Dr. Roger Jahnke explains how your company can save money and increase productivity through wellness initiatives that are often group based and can be implemented in cost efficient group settings – live and by telephone and internet.
Video # 2 A Simple Mind-Body Stress Mastery Break – At Your Desk

Amazingly, the very best of productivity enhancement can be accomplished without even leaving your desk. Both Mind-Body practice and Wellness Coaching can be implemented by weaving them right into the work environment, either live or by internet.

Here Dr. Roger Jahnke leads a brief visualization practice for stress mastery that you can use to refresh yourself at work — in this case without even leaving your workstation.

PowerPoint Presentation [PDF] -- A New Basis for HealthCare: Health and Wellness Coaching - The Circle of Life


The Circle of Life Health & Wellness Coaching Method™ Can Make a Difference In Your Life & In Your Organization

Find Out How

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