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Health Action
5276 Hollister Ave. Ste. 257
Santa Barbara, CA 93111 Phone 805-617-3390





Meet the Health Action Team


Dr. Roger Jahnke
5276 Hollister Ave. Ste. 257
Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Phone (805) 617-3390

CEO Roger Jahnke


  • Health Futures and the Redesign of Delivery
  • Integrating Conventional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Medical Demand Reduction Through Health Based Programming
  • Health Status Assessment and Enhancement Systems
  • Community Health Self-Reliance


  • Hospitals
  • Businesses
  • Churches
  • Communities

Linking Medicine and Health Promotion

  • Disease Management Mind/Body Medicine
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Natural Healing


Dr. Roger Jahnke, a health systems futurist and inspiring lecturer, is CEO of Health Action, a consulting group specializing in comprehensive design, modeling and implementation of programming with a basis in health. Dr. Jahnke's group has created innovative models for health status assessment and enhancement programming in both institutions and communities. In addition, Health Action has originated a prototype for the clinic of the future, a multidisciplinary health resource center which unites conventional medicine with health status assessment, aggressive self care and proven alternative medical therapies. Dr. Jahnke forecasts that the health cost crisis will be resolved when visionary leadership catalyzes genuine, citizen centered, behaviorally based, continuous health improvement in the home, school and at work.

Clients List (partial)

  • The Healthcare Forum, San Francisco, CA
  • American. Colege of Health Care Executives and AHA Society for Strategy and Marketing Chicago, IL
  • VHA, Physician Leadership Forum, Dallas, TX
  • Catholic Health Association, St. Louis, MO
  • American Medical Association, Chicago, IL
  • Blue Cross, HealthPLACE, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society, Santa Barbara, CA
  • International Health Futures Network, San Francisco, CA
  • National Wellness Institute, Stevens Point, WI
  • International Congress on Alternative Medicine, DC; Congress on Alternative Therapies
    • Universities: J.F.K. University, CA; Columbia University, NY; University of Arizona, AZ., U of WI
    • Systems: Mercy Services (MI, Iowa), Mercy System, Fairfield/Lutheran and U.S. Health Corp (OH), Seton (TX), Riverside (VA), Catholic Healthcare West (CA, AZ), Sutter and Mercy (CA), Riverside (VA)
    • Hospitals: St. Johns, Marshall, Mercy Sacramento, Seton Medical, Sutter, St Francis (CA); Daughters of Charity Medical Center (TX), Shanghai Traditional Medicine Hospital (China); Riverside Methodist, Mercy Anderson (OH), El Centro Medico (PR), Mid-Columbian and St. Charles (OR), Union AtlantiCare (MA)


Roger Jahnke, CEO of Health Action, is a member of the International Health Futures Network, an alliance of leading health care futurists and pioneering organizations working to reshape health care internationally. He is a primary correspondent for the innovative health based forums on the information highway, Health World Online and HealerWithin.com. Dr. Jahnke serves on the faculty of several colleges and universities where he lectures on health futures and innovative models for medicine and health care delivery that are health enhancement based, including: health promotion, corporate health cost containment, clinical and behavioral prevention, productivity enhancement, demand reduction, alternative medicine and alleviation of the monumental cost of medical intervention.

In his almost 30 years in the field Dr. Jahnke has gained recognition with hospitals, health networks and professional associations for his innovative, cross disciplinary knowledge of health and medical futures, state-of-the-art interdisciplinary clinical models and the facilitation of collaboration in designing healthy communities. He has served on the presenting faculty of the Healthcare Forum of San Francisco, the Catholic Health Association in St. Louis, the National Wellness Institute of the University of Wisconsin at Steven's Point, the Atlantic/Pacific Medical Symposium in New York and San Diego, the International Health Futures Network in San Francisco, the American College of Healthcare Executives in Chicago and the First International Congress on Alternative and Complementary Medicine. He has consulted for or presented to the American Medical Association, the American Dental Association, the American Association of Retired Persons, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the American Lung Association and numerous hospitals, medical centers and health systems throughout the world.

In the 1970's Roger was on the board of the Ohio Wellness Coalition, he co-founded the Ohio Health Network and created health based retreats for executives and seniors. In 1980 he moved his consulting group to Santa Barbara. Between 1982 and 1993 Dr. Jahnke was the chief administrator of the innovative Health Action Comprehensive Clinic and Health Resource Center in Santa Barbara. Since October of 1993 he has been consulting throughout the U.S., Canada and internationally to bring the Health Action Integrated Health Resources Model to innovative and visionary corporations, clinics, hospitals, systems, networks and communities.

Doctor Jahnke has traveled to China frequently to lecture and study the unique prevention based system of health care delivery there. His book, The Healer Within (HarperSanFrancisco, 1999) , explores the most overlooked source of health improvement and healing: each citizen has the ability to produce, within his or her own body, the most profound medicine. The Healer Within is a tool kit of methods that can be used to turn this resource on.

In the arena of keynote presentation, in the trenches designing and implementing practical health based programming, as well as in either content or process based consulting, Roger is consistently evaluated as inspiring yet practical, challenging yet enlightening in supporting breakthrough to powerful new paradigm actions.




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